Genuine Parts Sales and Marketing
Advantage Genuine Parts Sales and Services Marketing
The Opportunity

OE Wholesale Parts provide significant opportunities for both OE dealership suppliers and repairers to capture new and incremental profits.

On behalf of our local ‘Best in Class’ parts wholesalers our team of qualified parts experts work with repairers to maximize these profits.

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Advantage Parts Rewards

Our Advantage Awards wholesale parts loyalty program is designed specifically for the automotive repair industry. Repairers earn Reward Points from multiple suppliers, not just one earning bigger, better Rewards faster than any other program in our industry.

The Advantage Multi-Brand Solution

We offer a unique multi-brand solution to both OE suppliers and the automotive repairers by combining professionally managed parts programs that are shared between non-competing suppliers.

This shared approach provides increased value and convenience to the repairer as they only deal with one parts professional for all their genuine parts needs.